— The Studio —

Boneset Studio is a one of a kind design studio that takes pride in making clothes in the service of love. We boast a unique handmade to order model that ensures we reduce waste as well as offer inclusive sizing. This allows us to explore our creative ideas more freely without the pressure of production minimums. In this area of freedom we are continually overcome by the impact of subtle details, the strength of well tailored garments, and how these simple concepts can truly support the identity of the wearer. Our goal is to create a circular language that morphs throughout the years while sustaining what we value in a well made garment.

— The Collection —

Handmade to order in Toronto, Boneset Studio takes a slower approach to fashion. Each piece ordered is cut in house, then sewn here in our studio or by our lovely seamstress up the street from us if we’re a bit busy. Good things come to those who wait, and each garment is given the attention and detail it deserves. When we say we pour our love into each garment we truly mean it. Everything passes through our hands. Labels and buttons are sewn on by hand, and you know exactly where everything is being made.

— The Custom Process —

Boneset Studio offers fully custom wardrobe design, from one piece, to whole collections. Now is your chance to create something truly unique that reflects who you are. We take pride in understanding your dream garments and bringing them to life in fabrics you’ll love with our classic subtle details. You will love stepping back into the old tradition of becoming close with your tailor. The process involves hand drawn sketches, muslin fittings to insure your final pieces will be exactly what you’ve envisioned, and enjoying the bespoke experience of something made just for you.