Why custom?

At Boneset Studio, our top priority is forming meaningful relationships with each of our clients in order to create pieces that make you feel loved and seen.  To us, custom means caring deeply about each person we collaborate with.

The custom process is such a unique experience that completely changes the relationship you have with your finished garment. You’ll be stepping into the old world tradition of becoming close with your tailor, and enjoying the intimate experience of something made perfectly for you.

We excel in wearable everyday pieces and we welcome you to look through our in-house designs and work with us to alter the design to suit your needs (pockets! sleeves! length!). We will be offering a curated fabric list every season, showcasing small run textiles that we love and know that we can work wonders with. Our made-to-measure service will mean that you meet with the tailor to have the garment made to fit you perfectly, complete with a test sample if you wish. From start to finish anticipate about 4 weeks for completion, though some projects can be finished faster. If you have an event or date that you’re seeing yourself wearing your custom piece for, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. All good things take time, and we promise this experience of deeply thinking about your finished project will completely change the relationship you have with the garment.

We will only have availability for five custom appointments per month, on a first come first serve basis.

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