What is bespoke? 

The term bespoke refers to the process of having an item custom made just for you, from start to finish. Born from the tailors of Savile Row and the petite mains of Paris couture houses, bespoke is all about the tradition of design. The possibilities are endless and the entire experience is tailored to you. At BONESET STUDIO, our top priority is forming meaningful relationships with each of our clients in order to create the item of your dreams as accurately as possible.  To us, bespoke means caring deeply about each person we collaborate with.

I have an idea for a custom project. How do I collaborate with BONESET STUDIO?

We are always excited to meet new people and discuss creative project ideas. Our focus is on minimal, refined day wear for women-identifying clients, but we are open to discussing any and all projects. if you are unsure of what you would like to work on together, just send us a note! We are so happy to meet for coffee and walk you through our design process. 

Please get in touch at info@bonesetstudio.com, all projects will be considered.

What makes BONESET a premium brand?

Every single item in our Boneset product offering is handmade from start to finish in our Toronto studio.  We make a conscious effort to support our local design community by sourcing as many of our materials in Toronto and Canada as possible. We also prefer to work with all natural fibers exclusively - not only do they feel better and more comfortable on the body, they are also much less harmful to the environment than synthetics. We strongly believe in taking the time to craft beautiful items by hand, and we pour our hearts into everything that we create.