BONESET STUDIO is a bespoke design collective based in Toronto. Our mission is to create dream-worthy pieces that fit you impeccably.

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What we love most is working closely with you to create the essential foundation pieces of your wardrobe. Collaborating on a bespoke piece that is tailored to you is not only a special experience, it is also a more sustainable approach to fashion design. We believe that beautiful garments should not be reserved for special occasions but an integral part of your day-to-day, that buying one perfect thing is always better than having ten okay things, and that you should look forward to opening your closet and getting dressed every morning.


The Boneset design philosophy is centered on clean lines, exquisite fabrics, functional details, hand-finishing, and custom fit. Each garment is made in our Toronto studio.


The Boneset Bespoke Process

Our design process is a collaborative one - we first sit down with you for a coffee to discuss what you have in mind. Don't have a specific idea? No problem - this stage is all about getting to know you, and our expertise lies in discerning your style and needs.

After an initial meeting, we begin our research process. We collect images for you, source fabric swatches, and spend time at the library if we need to pick up some new techniques. We sketch out a selection of designs and meet up with you for a review. Together, we fine tune the design, pick the ideal fabric, discuss how each piece will work in your wardrobe.

Next, we take your measurements and create a unique pattern block for you, made from scratch. This foundation pattern will always be stored on hand for future projects. Then the first sample garment is created and we have our first fitting with you. Changes are made, fit is tweaked, final details are discussed.

Some garments require more fittings than others, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your piece is dream-worthy. Each garment is made in our studio from our hands to you, and we love taking the time to craft every little detail.

After everything is said and done - you are left with a unique custom-made garment that fits you just right. There's nothing quite like it.

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